Tempe Town Lake

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The Tempe Town Lake is actually a man-made lake created by using inflatable rubber dams at the up and downstream boundaries of the lake. These bladders can be deflated in times of "flood" conditions. These conditions are met when there is enough rain or snow melt runoff that The Salt River Project releases water from the systems of dams constructed along the Salt River. Since Dec. 31, 2004 the Salt River has been flowing due to an extraordinarily "wet" winter. On Dec. 31 the dams forming the lake were deflated to allow for the flow of water through the Town Lake area. Due to storms during the week of Feb 7-12, the flow of water has been increased considerably. A series of images I shot on both Dec. 31, 2004 and again on Feb. 13, 2005 show the comparison in flow of the river, as well as the flexibility of the four sections of dams across the downstream boundary of the lake. This is the first time since the construction of the lake in 1999 that the dams have been lowered to allow for the release of water. The Lake is essentially closed during this time due to safety concerns.

Tempe Town Lake Photo Gallery


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DSC00007.jpg DSC00008.jpg DSC00009.jpg DSC00010.jpg DSC00011.jpg
Tempe Town Lake Photo Gallery


DSC00009 DSC00010 DSC00012 DSC00017
DSC00009.jpg DSC00010.jpg DSC00012.jpg DSC00017.jpg
Tempe Town Lake Photo Gallery


Comparison Images: If you are interested in seeing the difference between the images shot on Feb.13, 2005 and those shot on Dec. 31, 2004, the comparison images are as follows:
12/31/04 DSC00006 => 02/13/05 DSC00010
12/31/04 DSC00008 => 02/13/05 DSC00010
12/31/04 DSC00010 => 02/13/05 DSC00010
12/31/04 DSC00011 => 02/13/05 DSC00010

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