Do you need photographic service or consulting?

I have been doing photography on a professional basis for over 30 years. My assignments have varied from portrait to investigative surveillance. Being a photographer, I am also available to shoot subjects of your choice and provide you with either finished prints, or digital files that you can print yourself. Do you need images for your web site? I, or one of my associates, can provide you with those as well.

My retouching, restoring, archiving, and printing service provides you with the ability to have your precious photographs scanned and digitally reproduced. These reproductions can be done on a variety of media from glossy photo paper to canvas. These scans are done individually, but other than minor adjustments are finished in an "as is" basis. The image above is actually a collection of three different images, manipulated to form the final version.

Retouching and restoration work is very difficult to estimate without seeing the original photograph and discussing the work needed to provide a suitable finished product. Estimates are free of charge. However, if photographs need to be shipped, shipping fees are paid by the client.

All work is done in a professional and confidential manner.

Below are links to some samples of my work.

Commercial Photography

Architecture - Contracted by an interior design firm to provide interior photographs of an office and a residence.

Adventure Trails of Arizona- contracted me to provide an advertising image for their web site. This was for a book authored by Dana Burden. Unfortunately, Dana passed away some time ago. He was loved my many and missed by all.

Retouching and Restoration

Bathtub - A client asked about restoring a picture of her son in a bathtub. The original had been lacquered to a plaster plaque. The plaque had fallen and broken. The picture was scraped off the plaque and in the condition at the top of the page when I started work on it. The final version is a 5"X7" glossy print.

Sailor - Used with Permission. This image was actually part of the files that were provided with a book on photo retouching and restoration. The image itself was donated to the book project by Wayne R. Palmer ( ). He graciously allowed me to include it here as another sample of the restoration work I can do. The book is authored by Katrin Eismann ( ). Almost all of my retouching skills have been developed through the careful reading and working with this book ( "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching" by Katrin Eismann, ISBN 0-7357-1650-2 ). I simply did this restoration as an exercise. Wayne is now co-authoring exceptional books with Katrin.

Restoration and Colorization - This is a sample of a restoration and enlargement of a photograph taken a little over 100 years ago. The original is approximately the size of a standard playing card. I scanned it to a 5x7 print size and did minor retouching to the black and white image. I then colorized that image. The uniform is from the Army of Franz Josef 1.

Cookin' - This is a picture of my kitchen. The lady in the image is neither known by me or ever been to my house. The original image of the lady was sent to me by a friend or mine. JR requested in the email that I should put her in my kitchen. The temptation to accept the challenge was too great. So, there she is in a place she had never been and will most likely never be.

Out of Bounds - Titled "No Wonder My Stuff is Missing", this image demonstrates the ability of the subject of an image to exceed the picture frame which encloses it.

Proposed Garage- This was an assignment to produce an image of a finished garage for purposes of obtaining a building permit with a city. The owner wanted a photograph of the current appearance and another of the proposed garage. I took the images necessary to provide the comparisons. This is the optimum method of approach to this type of request. I was able to control all the aspects of obtaining the images necessary to complete this assignment. However, I can provide detailed instructions for providing the necessary images if you are not local and don't wish to arrange for me to travel. The final version were 8"x10" glossy prints. I was told that the images were good enough to "fool" the city planning staff member who reviewed this. They actually traveled to the residence to see if the work had actually been done or not.

Stay Thirsty, My Friend-A parody of the Dos XX advertisement. Yup, that's my head in the picture. I want to thank my very good friend and fellow photographer, Josh Loeser, for his assistance in taking my portrait used in this image. His patience and expertise were crucial in the making of this image.

Front Door- This was a quick retouch of a proposed front entryway door a friend of mine is going to be putting in their house. The intent was to simply show the Home Owners Association what the proposed new door would look like. Using an illustration from the door manufacturer's web site and a photo of the existing front door, this image was constructed as an illustration.

The Wall - This will eventually be a series of photographs that were inspired by my favorite rock band, Pink Floyd.

Woody - I have been made aware of a resemblance years ago. Just fooling around with this one.

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